SIGUREC sets the pace in recycling

SIGUREC sets the pace in recycling

"Asociația Culturală ESTICA" organized between the 9th and 11th of September, in Focsani, the first blues festival in the region, to which SIGUREC participated as a partner. The event was one of the largest blues festivals which took place in our country so far, bringing to the stage the big names in Romanian and international blues.

SIGUREC attended the festival, to show to the people that there is a clean and efficient way to recycle PET, plastic foil, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard, electronics and even light bulbs. In addition, it ensures the fact that waste goes directly into the recycling factories and offers instant reward in the form of discount shopping vouchers.

FOCSANI Blues Festival

The SIGUREC Nomad trailer was placed near the concert area, and his flamboyant appearance quickly attracted attention, so that soon people came to ask questions. Shy at first, they quickly become more courageous when they saw how easy it is to recycle the beverage containers that they just consumed.

We were asked what is happening with the PET or with the aluminum can that was just inserted in the recycling device, to which we explained that “they are crushed and shredded”, “right here, on the spot, and they are deposited in a bin places under the devices”.

Even though the festival has ended and we moved the SIGUREC Nomad to a new location, we assured the inhabitants of Focsani that we are still present in their city with the SIGUREC Prime station, located in the parking lot of the Carrefour hypermarket.

SIGUREC is a Green Group project

Green Group, the only waste recycling industrial park in Romania, comprises six companies: GreenTech SA – recycles plastic waste, GreenFiber International SA - produces synthetic fiber polyester and 100% recycled PET tape, GreenWEEE International SA -  treating and recycling electrical and electronic waste, GreenLamp SA Recycling - treats and recycles lighting equipment waste, Green Glass Recycling - recycles glass waste, and Total Waste Management Ltd - provider of integrated waste management services.

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