Green Group and ECOTIC helps you to recycle, by providing you SIGUREC MOBILE service, which collects waste from your home

Green Group and ECOTIC helps you to recycle, by providing you SIGUREC MOBILE service, which collects waste from your home

Bucharest, April 26, 2017 - Green Group and ECOTIC are launching the collection campaign

"For recycling, call for help!" addressed to Bucharest’s residents who have to hand over used electronics as well as other waste to recycling, by using SIGUREC MOBIL service.

During 26th of April to 5th of June 2017, citizens who own old electronics can recycle them by using

SIGUREC MOBIL service. By downloading and using the SIGUREC smartphone application, by making a direct order on or by calling at 0747.448.732, they can call the free car to pick up the waste from their home and participate in a raffle with 50 gifts blenders. The citizens are also rewarded on the spot with shopping vouchers or money.

"We offer the easiest solution to get rid of electrical and electronic equipment waste that we store in various places of the house, for which we didn’t had a practical and environmentally friendly solution to dispose. From the SIGUREC mobile APP or from the website we receive the order and we collect it without any condition for a minimum quantity of kilograms." says Anda Stancu, Green Group Communication Manager.

The Campaign "For Recycling, Call for Help!"  is part of the awareness campaign meant to develop a responsible attitude of the population towards WEEE. Through SIGUREC MOBIL service, WEEE reach directly and safely in the recycling factories from Romania.

The SIGUREC MOBIL collection service integrates efficient waste collection systems, all the collections vehicles being equipped with weighing equipment and operating on the basis of intelligent software that records real-time transactions. Thus, clear and precise data such as the type and weight of collected waste are provided. At the same time, the SIGUREC APP records and monitors the collection performance and calculates the amount of CO2 saved by sorting and sending the waste to recycling.

Some interesting things about recycling:

Recycling a single mobile phone would save enough energy to keep a laptop running for 44 hours

Recycling a monitor saves 745 litres of drinking water and prevents the generation of the same quantity of waste water.The same amount of water is used for 10 showers

A cathode ray tube pollutes 50 square feet of soil for 30 years


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