Ecodesign and Recycling at Can Art&Design Festival

Ecodesign and Recycling at Can Art&Design Festival

Green Group and SIGUREC joined as a partner the Can Art & Design Festival event organized by Alucro between 1st of September and 1st of December 2016. The event is the first contest held in Romania which aims to give a new life to post-consumer aluminum cans, encouraging the people to discover new creative ways in which they can be reused.

The competition is open to all people, children and adults, whether they are in the field of design or are passionate about creating objects from aluminum cans. Using the aluminum cans as a raw material, participants can create a wide range of decorative objects or assemblies, dioramas, clothing accessories or household items.

The participants can enroll in one of the four sections of the competition: Can Bag Design Section, Design Section, Adult Hand-made section or Children Hand-made Section. The deadline for entering the creations into the contest is 21st of November 2016. The complete details about the sections and the rules of the competition are available here.

One of the principles underlying Green Group’s and SIGUREC solution activity is the rational resources consumption. A lot of packaging waste can gain a new life right after being emptied of the content of which they were bought without being thrown away in the trash.

Seeing the waste not as garbage but as raw materials we realize that we have available an enormous quantity of resources and the possibilities of creating something new are almost endless. Reusing the packaging and other types of waste creates learning opportunities by developing the creativity and the awareness of the value of the new objects thus created.

SIGUREC is a Green Group project
Green Group, the only waste recycling industrial park in Romania, comprises six companies: GreenTech SA – recycles plastic waste, GreenFiber International SA - produces synthetic fiber polyester and 100% recycled PET tape, GreenWEEE International SA -  treating and recycling electrical and electronic waste, GreenLamp SA Recycling - treats and recycles lighting equipment waste, Green Glass Recycling - recycles glass waste, and Total Waste Management Ltd - provider of integrated waste management services.

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